Bahrain Translation Services

Medical translation

Bahrain Translation offers the translation of regulatory, technical, clinical or marketing documentation, medical device or healthcare fields, software or training curriculum for the pharmaceutical. Most countries around the world require that  labeling associated with medical devices or pharmaceuticals sold be translated into the national language. In addition, documents necessary to conduct clinical trials usually require translation in order for local clinicians and patients and regulatory representatives to be able to read them. Regulatory approval submissions typically have to be translated as well.


Literary Translation

Marketech translation Lebanon offers professional literary translation from and into every language.
Literary translation is the translation of documents within the field of literature. Translation of literary works novels, plays, and poems is considered a literary pursuit in its own right.
As literature is a culture-based subject field, the work of literary translation and its products are not essentially linguistically transparent.

A literary translator must be capable of also translating emotions, cultural nuances, humor and other subtle elements of a piece of literature.


Legal Translation

Only professional translators specializing in legal translation should translate legal documents. Any mistranslated part of a contract, could result into dreadful lawsuits.

When translating a legal, the translator should be aware of the following: The legal system of the source text is structured in a way which fits that culture and this is reflected in the legal text; equally, the target text is to be read by somebody who is aware of the other legal system and its language. Most forms of legal translation, and contracts in particular, seek to establish clearly defined rights and duties for certain individuals. It is essential to ensure precise correspondence of these rights and duties in the source text and in the legal translation.